Friday, January 11, 2013

I've got some catching up to do....

Oh boy.  I feel awful.  There are so many things that I thought I would never do--on that list is forgetting my passions.  Writing and I grew distant.  I forgot the pleasure that it brought.  I did not make time for writing when I became busy, ergo, I haven't blogged in over a year.  Well that ends today.

For starters, I took a year off from school and did a great many things.  But in my more recent history, I have gone back to school.  It is a small Christian college in the middle of the US.  It is a good fit for now and I have learned many things about myself while being here.  However, the real reason of this post is to comment on something my sister is dying for me to analyze...Christian Mingle.  That's right, I actually signed up for a dating site.  While this may not seem that odd for the general populace, for me it is quite strange.  I have always thought (and still think) that dating sites are much too like auto's like shopping for all the features you want in a car...but it's PEOPLE.  Personally, I think it takes out the possibility for people to surprise you.  Then why am I on it? you may ask.  Great question.  I am on it because I was curious and a little bit bored.  

The day the world was supposed to end FX had genius programming.  That station played any end of the world movie they could find.  This drew my oldest sister and I into watching Armageddon, one of our favorite Bruce Willis movies.  Amidst the plethora of commercial breaks we saw numerous ads for Christian Mingle.  It was like the company wanted a new slogan, "The end of the world is near, so find your soul mate while you still can!"  Curiosity killed the cat, and it definitely got a hold of me.  I made a profile for a couple of reasons: 1- I wanted to see what you could ACTUALLY do on the site for free (hint: it is not very much) 2- I honestly wanted to know if anyone would like my profile (good news! a creep from the next town over does! Bad news, the cute European in my college town hasn't contacted me yet) 3- I wanted to see if I could find the profiles of a couple of guys from my high school on the site (Best news ever! I TOTALLY did)

In my perusal of the site I saw some very sad profiles and I would personally like to help anyone who is considering online dating.  Here is my list of things you should do/not do:

  1. Be honest.  If you are taking this seriously, you have got to be open....and you need to actually fill out the profile.  You know it is so great that you liked my thoughtful answer to my favorite Bible passage, but I would really love to know more about you than your height and hair color.  I can't tell if I'm interested if your page is blank.  Fill it out.
  2. Be realistic.  I'm sorry, but if you are not the hottest thing on the block, do not expect the "washboard" and "athletic" girls to be the top ones responding.  Best way to be attractive to a girl--do not say anything about a girl's weight...any girl.  You want a pretty, thin girl? Fine.  But do not label it that way on your seem rude and shallow.  Just stop.
  3. Pick a good picture.  I'm not saying you should use photo shop and make yourself a hunk a hunk of burnin love.  I'm saying you should take a nice head shot.  Smile.  Wash your hair that day.  Wear a clean shirt.  DO NOT take a bathroom iphone picture like a punk!  Not attractive.  Delete that.
Well that is all I have for now.  I'm sure I'll be posting more is my one and only new years resolution.

~The Singing Barista

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  1. 1. Welcome back! 2. "one of our favorite Bruce Willis movies"? What other Bruce Willis movies do we even like??? 3. Good advice!