Monday, August 4, 2014

Bachelorette Finale and After the Final Rose

Who will Andi Choose?!?!?!  …Josh.  She is totally going to choose Josh.

Supposedly there is a dramatic ending that we won’t see coming… I bet Nick has a psychotic break!

Nick is the first one up to meet the parents.  Patti, Andi’s mom, thought that Nick was really reserved.  Andi wishes that he wouldn’t have been as nervous.  Nick gushes about Andi to her mom and she seems to like him at the end of it.  Andi gushes about Nick to her sister….and the sister looks a little skeptical, but she doesn’t make any comments.  Nick wins over the dad enough to say that if they pick each other than he is okay with them getting married. 

Josh meets the parents and they are a little worried that he is just Andi’s type.  Andi is trying to convince her sister that Josh isn’t like all the other guys she’s dated.  Josh is much more boisterous than Nick was.  Oh Josh has the sister in the bag!  Dad and Josh are dressed alike! Josh now has the task of convincing dad that he is sincere.  Dad seems like he likes Josh more than Nick because he is joking around with him.  Dad gave Josh his blessing in a similar fashion that he gave it to Nick.
Josh and Andi have their final date.  Those two have pet names for each other.  This makes me think that he is “the one.”  I use quotes because there is no way she has spent enough time with either of them to know…but she’s totes picking him.  Andi is looking for the last moments of reassurance before the end.  I think if he can do a good job at affirming their relationship, she will pick him.  He points out that every relationship is different—timelines cannot be compared.  AND HE USED FAMILY EXAMPLES.  Dang this boy is good.  Josh gives Andi her own baseball card with personalized stats.  This made Andi believe everything he has said all season.  This is by far my favorite gift that a contestant has ever given the bachelor or bachelorette.  This one might have been the brainchild of Josh himself.  Nick’s story book a couple weeks ago was totally not his idea.  There is a slight possibility that Josh came up with this…probably not, but it does fit him better than any other gifts that have been given throughout the seasons. 

In our house we are currently very confused about whatever it is that Chris Harrison is saying…we kind of tune him out when he is talking….something about someone trying to confront Andi?? The Chris Harrison interjections are boring.

Andi and Nick go “off roading” …but they are totally on a dirt road…. But in all reality that was probably a good idea because I would not trust Nick to know how to drive a Jeep through various terrains. 

SIDENOTE: my sister just gave me the bracelet that goes with Andi’s necklace. 

Basically Nick is asking Andi to tell him that he is her choice before the final decision.  He doesn’t want to propose if he is still wondering.  It is boring and painful to watch.  He is not just awkward…he’s a little creepy.  Okay his present is thoughtful.  He got sand from the beach that he told her he loved her on and put it in a bottle for her to wear as a necklace.  It matches her outfit…I wonder if her stylists told her to wear that….

So Josh just picked a ring and Andi showed up at Nick’s door.  Chris Harrison is now going to poll former Bachelor cast members to see if they think Nick is getting dumped or picked. Basically all of the former cast members are saying “I don’t know.”  Wow. So glad we are wasting 10 minutes on this.  She’s going to dump him.

Oh my goodness! Andi is literally using Nick’s own phrasing to break up with him.  She reminds him of when he felt like something wasn’t right in his last relationship and she says that she feels like something isn’t right with them.  Nick is not handling this well….he is questioning all of the moves she made.  He asks if it is more about them or about someone else.  Andi is mum on the subject.  Kudos to Nick for calling Andi on saying or doing things she shouldn’t have if she wasn’t going to pick him.  And here we are at the ugly side of the show.  “I just hope that you are a million percent sure and not scared.”  Wow Nick, way to plant the seed of doubt in her mind. 

You have to hand it to Josh-he is good with the soliloquy. Andi did a great job of making him sweat.  Oh BULL CRAP! YOU DID NOT LOVE HIM FROM THE MOMENT YOU LAID EYES ON HIM! NO! no.  You stereotyped him.  But whatever, I called it.  Oh gosh.  They are like puppies that can’t stay off each other.  WHY ARE WE STILL KEEPING THE MICS ON DURING KISSES?!?! I don’t want to hear that.

After the Final Rose

Also, I totally called that Nick would not be able to handle the rejection.  He is not doing well.  Nick is refusing to let sleeping dogs lie.  Chris Harrison agrees to go talk to Andi for Nick at the Men Tell All.  What I am learning from this is that Chris Harrison really likes blue shirts.  That is the only color in his dressing room.  Andi refuses to see Nick and Chris takes a letter to her instead.   

Nick and his brand new hairstyle come out to talk to Chris Harrison.  I wonder if they give the runners up stylists so that they look as great as possible.  Nick is trying to explain his emotions from that day…I wonder if they lock them in a room just looping the footage so that they will be as emotional as possible.  Nick is taking this day by day.  The hardest part for him is that he believed in their connection and to have it slip through your fingers.  Nick just wants closure.  He asks Andi if she read the letter.  She has.  He doesn’t really have anything else to say. 

Hahahaha Andi just said that there was nothing wrong with Nick, Josh was just better.  Harsh woman, harsh. She also said she was never in love with him, otherwise she would have said it…..are they allowed to say they are in love? Oh my gosh!  It feels like this has been an eternity—but it’s only been FOUR FREAKING MINUTES.  Hahaha Andi just told him that he was hitting below the belt and that he should keep those things private.  So I’m pretty sure that the producers think this time was a bust.  Nick didn’t really say anything.

Josh and Andi make their first public appearance….and they still look like hyper puppies.  They are gushing and I’m ignoring it…. Oh my goodness! They are doing an ode to Andi’s stupid pouty face.  They brought out Grumpy Cat?? Hahaha they have a pout off.  And It’s Over!

By far the best part of this show was watching Chris Harrison unabashedly mock Andi’s pouting face.  He looked like a kid at Christmas when he got her to say “Stawwwp” and then frown immediately afterwards. 

But in better news!  Bachelor in Paradise starts tonight!  It’s basically going to be The Bachelor but on acid.  Should be insanely ridiculous which means I will definitely be tuning in.  

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