Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My sister participates in five Friday favorites. Every Friday (or close enough) she post five favorite things from her week.  As its Tuesday, I will see her five and raise her five.  Hence, welcome to Tuesday Ten (which will not be anywhere near weekly, just so we're on the same page). 

  1. Brewed Coffee. I worked as a Barista for a few years, but I usually shied away from brewed coffee for one particular reason—I knew I would get hooked.  I was going to college and I didn’t want to be that person that HAD to brew coffee every morning.  Fast forward a few years and gaining an understaffed office and… “Well hello brewed coffee, you look delicious today.  Why yes, I’ll unashamedly drink copious amounts of you every day.”   Double bonus: adding a scoop of hot chocolate mix makes a decent poor man’s mocha.  This is my current go-to at work. Triple bonus: coffee-mate has put out some limited edition Star Wars themed bottles.  I have two of them in my fridge.
  2. Fleece Lined Leggings.  Yes these have been a thing for a while, but I haven’t owned a pair.  Oh my gosh, they are heavenly! Seriously, in love with the pair I have.  They are wine colored and one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. Also, they bring a nice pop of color to my wardrobe.  Hello little black dress, meet your new winter pal fleece leggings. You’ll be so happy together.
  3. Peanut Butter M&Ms.  Remember when I said our office was understaffed?  Well when you have to type furiously, a salty/sweet snack is the perfect thing to keep you sane.  They are delicious, non-sticky, and easy to pop into your mouth.  That ladies and gentlemen, is a win-win-win.
  4. Boy Meets World.  I got the entire series on DVD this summer.  Once school started up again I found out that one of my best friends has never seen the show.  Needless to say, we are in the process of fixing this travesty.  Mondays are now spent with Cory and the gang.
  5. Tiny humans.  My cousins live close to my office so my lunch break has become a time that I can hang out with some of the cutest kiddos around. Nothing makes a stressful work day better than holding a smiling baby. Nothing.
  6. New recipes. Since stepping out on my own, I’ve started trying new recipes to be more adult like. Buying groceries for Boeuf Bourguignon makes me feel insanely classy.  People look in your cart and they know two things 1) that you are cooking something from scratch and 2) you are an adult because there is wine in your cart.
  7. Slushies. The gas station next to our office has the most delightful soda slushies.  They are fluffy and refreshing.  I know fluffy is a weird way to describe them, but they aren’t dissimilar to eating cold cotton candy.  And they have a Coke one so I’m happy about that. Those slushies have become my go-to pick me up on long afternoons.
  8. Bible Study. I joined a Bible study at the beginning of the summer. Since I went to a Bible college I never made time for the studies at my church.  We had the Bible in every class and carving time for people who weren’t 5 steps from my dorm door was too much of a time commitment in the midst of studies, work, and friends.  However, joining the Bible study was the best decision I made by far this summer. I love the people.  I love the sincerity.  I love the way everyone welcomes everyone. I love that we are going on a hayrack ride this Thursday.  I love that we have monthly food nights where we cook and study Scripture together. Some of my best friendships are coming from this Bible Study.
  9. Writing. I often wonder how humans can forget what they love. Yet, its something I do all the time.  I LOVED to write growing up.  I found a bunch of incomplete stories scribbled in my math notebook from high school.  I used to write whenever I had free time at school, especially if it was raining. Something about dreary weather will always be magical to me. It’s the perfect atmosphere for imagination. I haven’t written anything in ages, but I’m about to.  Once again, November is almost upon us which means NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.  The idea is to write a 50K word novel in 30 days.  Is that crazy? Yep. I am signing up? Yep. Will I finish? Chances are low, but half the fun is trying.  Worst case scenario, I have an excuse to spend extra time in coffee shops. Best case scenario, I become a famous author. This, is what I call a win-win.
  10. Hosting. My favorite thing about life right now is that my house is close to my alma mater. I have people over regularly.  Having people in my home is one of my greatest joys.  Making people feel comfortable and loved in my space is life giving to me.  Hosting lets me spend time with people I love and try out recipes that are oh-so-tasty.  I also believe that there is something to be said about inviting people into your home. It’s like inviting people to be a part of your life--to be present where you live your every-day-this-is-who-I-am life.  It fosters friendships and community.  And I love it--it makes family out of friends and friends out of family. 
    Full disclosure on this one: I just wanted to put a picture of me looking all boss with my brother. He was over this weekend (the tie in to the post) and he has a motorcycle...obviously pictures had to be taken

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