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Week 4 of Juan

The gang is in South Korea.  There will be jealous girls, catty girls, and tears galore.

Juan has to say goodbye to Camilla because we are starting the traveling portion of the show.  Chris Harrison comes into the room and counts the girls that are left…just in case one of them can’t count to 13.  The girls squeal at the prospect of grabbing their passports.  Sharleen freaked out more than the others at going to South Korea….which is surprising because she screamed when they said Gangnam style…I did not see an opera singer liking Korean pop. 

Clare is annoyingly peppy in the talking head.  I now wonder if I look as ridiculous as her when I clap…

In fact all the girls are doing little claps as they get off planes and trains.  This year they are showing some footage of the girls’ reactions to the traveling which is actually fun to watch.

Date Card! Nikky is worried about getting a one-on-one because she wants to get to know him better.  Meanwhile, ABC is showing Juan play carnival games by himself...which just looks sad.
Group date will be: Chelsie, Cassandra, Elise, Danielle, Kat, and Nikki.  Needless to say, Nikki is displeased. 

Juan does this adorable little talking head about Korean Pop…which sounds hilarious when he says it...and like he has no idea what it is.  Apparently the girls are going to dance with Korean equivalent of the Spice Girls.  2ne1 is the biggest Korean Pop group.  They are learning the dance and Kat is showing off.  Kat’s confidence is starting to rub Nikki the wrong way. Nikki does the best talking head showing her outside face which is a sweet smile and her inside face which looks like grumpy cat.  2ne1 just invited the group to dance with them at their concert that night and Kat is on cloud nine.  Nikki, however, looks like her worst nightmare is about to come true.  Hahaha she just said she would do this for a school of the blind! I kinda like how she gets sassy when she’s upset. 

The girls get makeovers and go onstage.  Kat shows off.  Nikky looks like she is going pee her pants.  Overall, I think those concert goers just had the thought “stupid Americans” running through their heads.  At the night handout ABC did some masterful editing.  They juxtaposed Nikki talking behind people’s backs (mainly Kat’s back) and Kat having a heart to heart with Juan.  Oh good, I think the other girls are going to start mentioning that some people are not here for the ‘right reasons.’ 

HOLD UP PEOPLE! Nikki and Juan are talking and he asked her how she felt about Camilla! This is the first time he’s done that (as far as I know. Disclaimer: I didn’t watch last week).

Sharleen gets the next one-on-one.  Clare doesn’t think that Sharleen and Juan Pablo are right together. 

Juan takes Nikki and gives her the rose….and the girls about lose it! 

Sharleen’s date starts with a walk down in the local market.  They buy traditional dresses, food, and beverages.  Then they go to a tea house and talk for a bit.  Sharleen is very intelligent. I find it hard to believe that she would be content staying with him.  Juan Pablo is soft spoken and he listens.  This makes it hard to gage his intelligence level.  Sharleen sings for Juan and then they make out.  He asks her about kids and how many she wants.  She basically said that she has never thought about it and the last time she dated a guy with a kid she had a hard time with it.  Juan gave her the rose.  His talking head says that he knows that she must want kids because she is here and she would have known that he had a kid.  No son.  You just acted like a girl and heard what you wanted to hear.

Group date starts with karaoke.  Then they do many other things including having the fish eat the dead skin off of their feet (which I have always wanted to do!! It looks so crazy and ticklish and weird and fun!)  Clare is super territorial which is really fun to watch because it will drive people mad…including Clare.  Juan has promised himself that he won’t kiss anyone tonight because he doesn’t want to kiss all the girls.  Lauren S. asked for a kiss in Spanish and he said no and gave his reason why.  However, the fact that he has kissed girls in the past sent this girl over the edge.  Tears.  So many tears.  Pretty sure her chances were just shot to heck.  Juan went to go talk to her.  Apparently, Clare instigated a no kissing policy with them.  Juan likes it….yet…..he kisses Clare anyway. Andi got the rose from the group date…as she should cause she is normal and not emotionally unstable. 

Cocktail Party

Nikki is committing a mortal sin – she went to talk to Juan Pablo even though she has a rose.  Oh good, Juan asks her about drama in the house.  She seems a little thrown.  Afterwards, she confides in Kelly, who is the best at just being present for the drama.  Nikki assumes that Clare said something to Juan because she talked to Juan right before Nikki.  She implies this when Clare comes over.  I am so glad that the two sparks in the house are confrontational.  This should lead to some awesome fires. 

Rose Ceremony

Juan compliments the peeps (as all of the chosen ones do).  And the roses go to: Renee, Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Allison, Clare, (Chris Harrison making sure America can count to one), and Kat.

Elise is ready to have a family unlike some of the other girls in there.  And cue the ugly crying.  Lauren S. is also going home…which I called right after the kiss incident.  Cue the ugly crying and self-pity. 

Next week: the girls are going to VIETNAM!!! Also, Clare is going to drive the other girls nuts! Looks like Clare is going to take something too far.  

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