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Let's Hear It From The Boys

Week 9: Let’s Hear it From the Boys!

Here we are, it’s the men tell all.  After showing us a brief preview of what’s to come this night, they showed us a montage of the viewing parties that took place across the country….well at least in LA, New York City, and a party bus.  The best part is that JP and Ashley went around with Des in NY.  I think the people were more excited to see them than Des.  One woman practically attacked JP.  They also brought Jason & Molly and Trista, but no Ryan, to the viewing parties in NY.  After that, Des had a sit down with Emily, Ashley, and Ali to talk about how to handle bad boys.  I don’t even know why Ashley was there….she didn't say a word.  But Emily and Ali showed a lot of spunk and reminded me of why they were some of my favorites.  It was like Ali was trying to convince Des that it is okay to stick up for yourself and that it was okay to be upset with James.  She pretty much told Des that he had been manipulating her.  Emily had the best quip about BENtley.  She said that she would ask him how Hollywood was and if he got his girls and drinks.

Back in the studio, Chris Harrison introduces the boys.  There is some cheering, massive amounts of booing because they placed BENtley and James next to each other, and screaming for Juan Pablo.  That man has got FANS.  Now there is the bad boy montage.  Hahaha.  They put some hard core rock music behind BENtley’s segment.    I bet the people who cut that gave each other high fives at the end because they packed that room with tension.   Right after the video, Chris Harrison addresses Jonathan, the man who tried to get the fantasy suite on the first night.  He said that he was sorry and glad that he didn't get booed by the audience.  Michael, wonderful, witty Michael quipped that nobody remembered him.  Yesss….you will deliver the great lines of the night.  I can feel it. 
Chris Harrison also keeps addressing Juan Pablo, as if ABC is trying to appease his legion of fans who hardly saw him during the season.  When he was introduced the room was deafening.  His first order of business, explaining why he didn't like BENtley…who was sitting one seat away.

BENtley takes the hot seat.

Chris Harrison says that everything started great.  And cue the video.  Best part of these videos is watching the little screen of the guys who are watching it too.  Michael got clapped on the back when he started attacking BENtley on the video.  The end of his video gets massive boos from the audience.  Chris Harrison asks him to explain what he had said in the limo.  He says that he was in a hard spot mentally because he had seen the man that she chose over him.  The guys still say that he acted one way in front of the cameras and another way when the cameras were off.  He says that he was different around Des cause she was a girl, and you are just different around girls.  One of the guys said that he was a bad dad.  BENtley just about exploded.  And the guys said that he was not as good as Juan Pablo…my favorite part is how they keep panning to Juan Pablo and the girls that are wearing Te Ammo Juan Pablo shirts. 

James is next in the hot seat and his face looks he is dreading this. 

His montage just started and he already looks in pain.  Best part of the montage is Chris the Poet just shushing loudly while James and Michael are arguing.  It’s like the white noise behind all of the swearing.  I don’t know what he thought it would do…it’s not like they would be like ‘guys! The poet is shushing us! We’d better stop.’  James is trying to defend himself, but he is kind of digging a bigger hole.  Honestly, I’m a little disappointed that he didn't make any fantastic word pretzels like he did when he was on the show.  He still didn't make sense, he just didn't do it in the same crazy fashion.  He should really look at the faces of the women in the audience cause they don’t like him At. All.  Chris Harrison points out that this was the biggest controversy of this season.  Chris turns to Mikey and asks, “What say you?”  Mikey kind of backs James up and tries to diffuse the situation….and then takes it back when Hashtag starts listing the reasons why he didn't trust James.  There is a shocked grandma in the audience that is a little worried about where she is right now.  Oh and look who Chris Harrison brought in to say the last word….Juan Pablo.  He wasn't even involved in this!

Chris Harrison calls up Juan Pablo, “the fan favorite that we barely got to know.” 

They made a baby montage video for him!  And it’s like watching the bonus footage from a DVD…because only a smidgen of it was actually aired on TV.  Chris asks him if it is really that hard for him to date because he now has a huge fan base.  Juan Pablo said that he is with his daughter all weekend and so it is hard to find time to date…buddy, I think any woman in that room would rearrange her schedule for you.

Shirtless Wonder takes the hot seat.

 Chris Harrison said that they would take a look at what went right…and the first shot of the video is of his abs.  Oh his face is so sad.  This is the worst.  It’s like ‘hey, you just had your heart broken on national television….you good to talk about it?  No, well let’s do it anyway.  BTW, you ex is here and you have to talk to them’

And it’s Des.

She talks to Jonathan about how he acted on the first night.  He apologized for making her uncomfortable, for being an idiot.  He even said that it was a good move for her to kick him off.  It was like he watched all the guys yell and James and he just decided to own it.  He took the Red Green Show’s motto to heart…he’s a man and he can change, if he has too, he guesses.  Des looks like she is trying to channel Ali and Emily as she confronts each of the bad boys.  She does a halfhearted attempt at quoting Emily’s quip about asking BENtley how Hollywood was.  She actually was semi confrontational with James and said that he straight up manipulated her.  He finally backs down, semi apologizes, and wishes her the best. 

Juan Pablo makes Des practice his name again…and finally says ‘its fine.’  Haha. He doesn't want her to try anymore.  She says that she still thinks that he is hot and that she got the most hate mail after sending him home.

SHIRTLESS WONDER IS SINGING A SONG!  WHY??? The line where you are sing that you are moving on?  No.  Singing a song to your ex is not you moving on.  Also, she tells him that she thinks that they were really similar.  She thought he hid behind his Sean told her she did.  What I glean from this is that she sent Shirtless Wonder home because Sean sent her home.  Essentially she found the boy version of her and repeated last season.  Awesome.

Bloopers were good, but short.

Sneak peak: it’s essentially the same as last week’s preview. Lot's of tears, some blue water, and people crying in cars?  Where are they going?  Does she pick no one?   Did she pull a Brad?!?!  It wouldn't surprise me...she seems to copy what others have done.  

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