Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Andi Week Five/Six

We are predicting that Cody, Dylan, and Chris will go home based on previous screen time and different roid rage instances.

This week the children are in Venice. 

Andi surprises the guys when she meets them and tells them that they will have a one-on-one right now.  Cody is the only guy that hasn’t gotten a one-on-one and I think if he doesn’t get it he will go all Hulk Smash.  Hahaha Andi gave it to Nick.  Of course she did because showing favoritism right now is totally should happen after last week.  Nick didn’t even look excited.  Cody just put his hood up (the true gauge for how men feel- hood up=bad).  I really wish he would rip his shirt.  Cody says in a talking head that he is like the puppy of the group….well…kinda. 

On the date Andi and Nick are strolling through the streets of Venice.  To be fair, we can’t really blame her for not wanting Cody there…he would be like a bull in a china shop and just start breaking stuff.  His muscles would have nothing else to do.  Andi says that she needed this date to figure things out after last week.  She is glad that he is bringing up last week right away.
Cody’s name is not on the group date card which means that he is the other one-on-one.  The guys actually looked super excited for him and started patting him on the back…he really is their puppy!

Nick and Andi get really dressed up and they have dinner.  I want it to be in an opera house since Andi has a black mask...and it just might be one.  Andi gives Nick the rose and a really flamboyant mask for their “mascaraed ball”…which was a private concert.

Group Date aka "Who is Lying to Me?"

So Andi takes the lie detector test first.  We think she is doing this just to find out who her secret admirer is.  Becky thinks it is Chris.  Josh is particularly upset about the lie detector test because in his book, relationships are built on trust (he’s not wrong…) Chris isn't excited about it because he is the secret admirer (just like Becky guessed).  The guys handle it relatively well otherwise.  Dylan went back to the hotel after his test because he was sick.  When the Italian Mafia brought the results out, 3 guys told the truth, 2 guys told 2 lies, and 3 guys told 3 lies.  Andi’s face was not good.  BUT ANDI TOLD 2 LIES.  Josh said he didn't want to see but Brian ripped the results open.  However, Andi, FOR ONCE, did the right thing and ripped up the guys’ results which put all of them at ease.  Yet, when Josh got around to talking to Andi about how he felt about the lie detector, Andi was back in ridiculous mode and was not listening to a word he was saying.  He asked why she didn't trust him because a lie detector screams no trust (YES) she took those words to mean he didn't trust her….which is not what he said at all…but that’s Andi.  Silly Josh, you should have learned from Angel Eric that if you are actually open and honest Andi bites your head off.  They didn't kiss during this talk which means she will still be confused because the only way that she knows things are going well is if the guys make out with her.  Chris was the next guy to have her attention after Josh and he revealed that he was the secret admirer which turned her stupid duck face-y frown upside down! (roll your eyes people cause Andi cray-cray) This announcement won him a rose.  Surprise Surprise! JJ is going to just be outright confrontational instead of finding someone else to do his dirty work… I think he is sensing the end coming…

Cody has a date….but he’s probably going home. 

 Andi says that she wants to find out if there is a possibility of romance.  She thinks it might take Venice to find it.  Honey, if you need Venice to fin romance, you ain’t gonna find it.  What would happen when you get back to the US? Would the magic be gone? They go to the official office that answers the letters that people write to Juliet.  They get to answer some, although I seriously doubt that Andi wrote anything that was actually helpful.  Cody read his letter out loud and it was actually decent.  He is trying so hard on this date and Andi looks like she’s hanging out with her puppy.  At the end of the night he starts going off about how he wants to introduce her to his family and how he has felt this great connection with her and he wants to get to know her more…and Andi looks like death warmed over.  She starts crying and he starts talking faster.  Son, this ship is going DOWN.  Andi says she respects him too much to keep him around more.  She doesn't want to hurt him.  WHY DID YOU TAKE HIM ON THIS ONE-ON-ONE?!? What happened to the good old days when people like Emily would just cut people loose as soon as they knew they would not marry that person? Cody should have been gone weeks ago, and Andi knows that.  However, Cody did handle the exit the best of any one to date…except maybe Angel Eric.  I’m gonna give them a tie on this one.

Rose Ceremony

Right off the bat Nick ticks everyone off.  Even though boy has a rose from his one-on-one, he stole Andi before she could even finish her hello to the group.  Chris in particular is verbal about this.  He is a gentleman though and would wait his turn since he had a rose.  I do like him.  This farmer should just be the next bachelor.  He doesn't deserve this Andi crap fest.  Just from the clips of the different guys talking to Andi, we think JJ will actually go home.  We never saw Andi talking to him and he still seems vaguely angry and ruffled…like he senses his impending doom.  Josh talks to Andi again to make sure that she understood him last time (shocker-she didn't) We suspect that his lack of making out with her (Andi’s ever coveted non-verbal communication) has dropped him from his lead spot.  He’s talking too much.  Andi is ironically confused by words and honesty-probably because she doesn't like to listen to the end of sentences.

For the first time in forever (you all have that Frozen song in your head now, don’t you) Chris Harrison talks with Andi for a significant amount of time before she hands out roses. 

Dylan, Brian, Marcus, and Josh get roses.  That means JJ is going home.  As one of the girls says, he is the definition of haggard. Andi is just talking and talking instead of letting JJ leave.  This is the last we will see of the fanciful pants and the man who I imagine makes them by hand…or with magical Disney mice…
Oh good, we are to the point of the drawn-out-video-in-the-car-as-they-leave part of the show.  Awww, even his bow tie is droopy. 

Next week the guys will be in Brussels. 

The blooper this week was by far the best part of the show.  During the lie detector test one of the questions was “have you ever fought in public?”  However, the reader’s accent made it sound like “have you ever fart in public?” The guys’ reactions were spectacular! A couple of them started laughing, Chris was sooo serious, and Brian was still talking about it afterwards.  It was hilarious.  

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  1. Let me just clarify--while I DID think it was Chris, I want kudos for calling that she was using the lie detector as a way of finding out who her secret admirer was!