Monday, June 30, 2014

Andi Week Is-It-Over-Yet?

According to the previews there will be lots of making out in different lighting.
Andi is spouting some drivel about taking this week seriously because this is the last week before hometowns.
Chris Harrison is trying to have a heart to heart with the guys.  Nick opens his mouth and ticks off the other guys in 2 seconds flat.  It’s actually impressive that he hasn't been slugged yet. There will be no roses on the dates except for the group date.

Marcus is going to have the first one-on-one.  This elicited a swear from Josh.  Nick is getting a little too free in his talking heads-ABC is going to have an easy time of editing him into the villain. 
Marcus and Andi wander Brussels and eat muscles.  Marcus says that he loves her and I am afraid that she is going to stamp on his heart with her little stiletto heels.  At supper she asks him about his family AND ACTUALLY LISTENS.  Guys, this is a one-time event! Take note! Yet, she is doing her stupid duck-face-pout-whilst-"listening" face.  I hate it.  It looks stupid. 
They are walking back and keep stopping to make out.  Can they make it more than two feet without sucking face?  Andi is saying he is a man. I’m pretty sure in Andi’s head manliness=making out.
When Marcus gets back from the date Nick decides to go track down Andi.  He goes to the front desk and lies about losing his room key, forgetting the room number, and being married to Andi all to find her room.  They sneak out and make out in the streets.  Nick seems to be the only guy that fully understands Andi's inability to comprehend words.  She needs make out time to know that the guy is into her.  Nick gets this and beyond that understands her desire for spontaneity.  

Josh is secretly up against the declarations of love from the two guys the night before.  Andi is super worried that he is not at the same place as her because he has 1) not said that he loves her 2) hasn't made out with her enough.  After Andi fishes, for what feels like an eternity, Josh finally says that he is falling for her.  Andi makes and maintains the goofiest face after that.  Then they make out in at least two different settings and lighting styles. 


The only reason I am still watching is because the preview showed Nick crying.  He’s being a jerk around the guys.  PS, Dylan, if you can put your hair in a ponytail it is time to cut your hair.  They are looking at the countryside by pedaling on a rail bike.  Andi rode in the cart as the guys pedaled the entire way there.  They stopped at a monastery.  In this monastery there is no kissing within the grounds.  Andi takes Chris away to a pottery barn (outside the walls) where they can have some alone time.  They have their Ghost moment and make out a little bit.  When they get back, Andi announces that whoever gets the rose will continue on the date and the other guys will go back to the hotel.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect recipe for drama.  Unfortunately, it has turned into mainly idiotic outbursts by Nick and pensive looks by the others.  Our recipe for drama fell flat.  Nick gets the rose.  He feels like Andi just told him that she loves him.  The guys looked pissed.  Best part of Nick getting the rose is watching those guys get smashed into the back seat so that the camera crew can film them on the way back to the hotel...and take turns cussing.  SO great.  They are too broad in the shoulders to all fit in the same seat.  They look like sardines! Josh and Marcus had priceless reactions when the guys walked in the door.  Andi officially made every guy swear from this choice.  At the hotel the guys attack Nick with their rhetoric.
The guys are scrambling to persuade Andi to pick them for hometowns.  Nick just stole Andi from Brian when he already has a rose.  Chris then stole Andi for one last kiss.  But somehow, boy does it in a classy fashion.  Chris = class

Rose Ceremony

Josh, Marcus, and Chris get roses.  Brian and Dylan are going home. 

Next week should be more entertaining…hometowns always are.

The blooper was Dylan chasing Brian around with a pickle because Brian is actually terrified of more good bloopers from here on out without those two around 

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